Flexible Workforce Development Fund

About this Fund

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The funding can be used to cover the full costs of training or can go towards partial payment of training costs for employees resident in Scotland.

But it can’t be used to pay for industry qualifications or for training to meet a statutory obligation required by law.

This funding must be used for training and cannot be used for:

  • Company teambuilding away days;
  • Consultancy costs;
  • Staff backfill costs;
  • Attending conferences, or delivering workshops at conferences;
  • Training supported by other public sector funds e.g. Modern Apprenticeships;
  • Topping up any ‘contribution’ funding provided by other public bodies and/or SDS;
  • Driving licence acquisition;
  • Training where there is a statutory requirement by Law;
  • Costs to develop training;
  • Associated costs to training such as travel, accommodation etc.

All training should be accredited or certified...

  • For any course that is not accredited or certified, please advise us of this as part of the ‘Course Details` narrative for the relevant course(s) in Section D1 of the application.

The FWDF SDS route shold not be used for training that can be fully delivered through college provision - see the Levy-payer funding stream operated by the Scottish Funding Council  for help with that.

You are responsible for sourcing, co-ordinating and reporting on the training requirements.

Funding Our Skillsforce

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